Terms and Conditions of Service 

Certification of Responsibility

I certify that I am the responsible party for this pet and have the ability to enter into a Veterinary Client Patience Relationship (VCPR).

Current VCPR

Animals do not self-report symptoms, and they age much faster than humans do. This means that regular physical exams are essential to diagnosing and treating their illnesses. We will not be able to prescribe medications for a condition that has not been evaluated at our office, even if it has occurred in a similar manner in the past (ear infections, UTI, skin itching). Medication requires a diagnosis of a condition and that can only happen with a physical exam. Further, we are bound by the standards of our professional organization, the AVMA, and the practice act of the Veterinary Medical Board which grants us our rights to practice. 

Authorization for Treatment

I, the responsible party or authorized agent of the above described animal, hereby authorize the admitting veterinarian (and his designated associates and assistants) to administer such treatments as are considered therapeutically and/or diagnostically necessary. 

I understand that no guarantee of successful treatment is made.

Assumption of Financial Responsibility

I also assume financial responsibility for all charges incurred to the patient, and agree to pay all such charges at the time of the pet’s release. 

Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Risk

I understand that there are potential complications, including death, associated with anesthesia. 

Abandoned Animal Act

Media City Animal Hospital will follow the California Abandoned Animal Act, section 1824.5, in the case that you do not collect your pet when it is ready for release.

The provisions of the act do not indemnify you from financial responsibility for charges incurred and the cost of collection.

Civil Treatment of Staff

I understand that poor treatment of Media City Animal Hospital staff will not be tolerated and my service relationship at Media City Animal Hospital will be terminated for my poor behavior at the discretion of Media City Animal Hospital management and owners.


Media City Animal Hospital has enacted policies to ensure the safety of clients, patients, staff, and visitors. As a condition of service at Media City Animal Hospital I will adhere to any requirements, postings, requests, directions, signs and instructions by Media City Animal Hospital with regards to safety. 

We follow the guidance of our local health officers. 

Missed Appointments

I acknowledge and agree that I am subject to the following Appointment Cancellation Policy:

"When you book your appointment, you are holding a space on our calendar that is no longer available to our other patients. In order to be respectful of your fellow patients, please call our office as soon as you know you will not be able to make your appointment.
If cancellation is necessary, we require that you call at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments are in high demand, and your advanced notice will allow another patient access to that appointment time.

How to Cancel Your Appointment

If you need to cancel your appointment, please call us at 818-848-5007. If necessary, you may leave a detailed voicemail message. We will return your call as soon as possible.

Late Cancellations/No-Shows

A cancellation is considered late when the appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointed time. A no-show is when a patient misses an appointment without cancelling. In either case, we will charge the patient a $100.00 missed appointment fee."

Refill Policy

Refills require Doctor approval which can take up to 48 hours. Per the Veterinary Medical Board, a Veterinary Client Patient Relationship is required for any prescription or refill of medication. A Veterinary Client Patient Relationship can only be established by a complete physical exam, which must be kept current (every 12 months). Certain medications (controlled substances) require more frequent examination. Many medications have side effects and therapeutic levels that must be monitored by laboratory analysis at regular intervals. We will require this testing be performed before refilling such medications. 

Rabies Vaccination Reporting

We are required by the city of Burbank to report all Rabies vaccines administered, including information such as client name and address. 

Card on File

If you choose to keep a card on file with our office to expedite your visit, there are separate terms for this arrangement: TERMS OF CARD ON FILE