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Keeping a Card on File

Terms and Conditions for keeping a "card on file" with Stripe for use at Media City Animal Hospital

By entering and updating a payment card to your Stripe portal account for Media City Animal Hospital, you authorize Media City Animal Hospital to charge you using the information in this portal for any amounts due for services rendered and items purchased at Media City Animal Hospital by you or any agents on your account. If such charge is rejected or fails, Media City Animal Hospital may charge your payment card again at a later time without advance notice to you. You understand that your payment card information will be saved on file for future transactions on your account.

You may remove a payment card from your Stripe portal for Media City Animal Hospital. However, unlinking your payment card will not cancel transactions that have already been authorized on that payment card.

All charges authorized using Stripe are also subject to the terms and conditions set forth by the entities that issue your payment card. You are responsible for complying with those terms and conditions, and you are responsible for payment of all charges and related fees imposed by such entities pursuant to those terms and conditions.

Linking a payment card should only be done by the person whose name is on the card. Using payment cards of others is prohibited.

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