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Where to go for More Information

Updated: May 17

short haired orange cat sitting in front of an open laptop

You can always call our hospital with any pet care questions. In addition to our helpful staff, we recommend these resources: 

Veterinary Partner is a companion website to the world's largest online veterinary article-sharing database, maintained by Veterinarians. It is specifically for pet owners looking for Veterinarian-reviewed articles on pet health and ownership.

Another searchable source for a wide array of information on all pet care topics published by the highly-regarded veterinarian Sophia Yin.

This website, hosted by the American Animal Hospital Association, features a wealth of searchable information on pet care and wellness topics. Their blog, Pets Matter, helps pet owners stay up to date with trends and news in the Veterinary world.


The Puppy Primer, by Patricia McConnell

The Complete Cat Care Guide at

Google- Just kidding. Google is a mine field of misinformation. Do not google symptoms, please! 

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