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Giving your Cat Medication

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Most cats won't take a pill simply offered from your hand, and we know pet owners worry that forcing a pill will damage their relationship with their pet. We're here to help. We've compiled some resources to help make pill time more like treat time, and our methods for giving medicine to the stubborn little stinkers out there too.

cat looking at pills on a spoon


A majority of medications can be re-formulated by a Compounding Pharmacy into a more appetizing flavor or into a cream that can be applied to the inner ear.

  • Flavored Liquids are very popular with pet owners and their cats as they are relatively inexpensive and are usually successful- especially the "triple fish" flavor. It is even possible for multiple medications to be combined into one liquid!

  • Tablets can be made as flavored chews that resemble and taste just like treats, or "mini-melts" which dissolve almost instantly on your pet's tongue, preventing the dreaded spit-out.

  • Transdermal suspensions are creams that contain your pet's medication and can be applied to their skin. Not all medications can be absorbed by the skin in this way, however.

Hiding the Pill

You can purchase a pill crusher and make your own enticing treat by mixing it in a yummy substance. It is very important to note that your pet must reliably eat ALL of the mixture for this method to work.

Some delicious pill-hiding mediums we've found are tuna juice, clam juice, a ball of wet kitten food or juice from a kitty gravy pouch, single-ingredient poultry baby foods, or churu puree.

Make sure to add as little of these ingredients as possible as calories add up quickly. If your pet is on a restricted diet, ask your Vet which of these is appropriate.

Down the hatch

This is the last resort, but if your doctor prescribed this medication for your pet and all other attempts at covert pilling have failed, manual pilling is necessary. With practice it can be fast and drama-free and you can follow up with a treat as a reward!

You can schedule a tech appointment with our technicians to learn how to give your pet their medication. View the video below for a tutorial:

If you are still having trouble medicating your pet after trying these methods, please call us.

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