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Your Pet’s Ultrasound 

Dog undergoing ultrasound
decorative image cat ultrasound

Ultrasound at Media City Animal Hospital with radiologist Pam Green, DVM, DACVR. 

An ultrasound is not a painful procedure. Your pet will be placed in a comfortable position and the machine makes no sound. Most pets do very well and tolerate the ultrasound without any stress. 

Patient Preparation
You will need to withhold food from your pet the morning of their ultrasound procedure. Dinner the night before is okay, but no breakfast. Dogs should be walked the morning of the ultrasound to give them a chance for a bowel movement.

Your pet will be shaved generously on their abdomen so that the ultrasound probe can make good contact with the body.

You will need to drop your pet off by 8:00 am. Dr. Green usually has all her patients finished and ready to be picked up by 2:00pm. Occasionally this gets pushed back if a patient needs to be sedated or if the doctor decides to extend a procedure in order to collect a sample.

It is very important that you be available by phone while your pet is with us. As mentioned, we occasionally need permission to sedate a pet who can’t be restrained gently for the procedure, or to get permission to collect a sample of tissue to be further analyzed at the laboratory if the doctor recommends it.
One of our Veterinarians will call you with the findings of the ultrasound and to let you know you can pick up your pet.


Don't forget to complete the release form in advance of your appointment: 

If you have any further questions, please give us a call at (818) 848-5007

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