COVID Safety During Your Visit

Only one person may enter the building. If you cannot make childcare arrangements or need assistance with your pets, we can accommodate you as a "curbside" or "drop-off" visit.
Please be diligent about following our safety instructions so that we can continue to allow clients into our building with their pets. 


  • Wear a mask or facecovering

  • Page us on our intercom to be admitted into the building

  • Wait on the X's to maintain social distance

  • Scan your temperature when you are admitted to the building on the wall to the left of the front door

In the Exam Room

  • One pet parent can be present in the exam room.

  • Stay seated at all times (these seats have been measured at 6 feet)

In the Lobby

  • We limit entry into the lobby to maintain 6 ft of social distance between parties. 

  • Signage on the benches indicate that one person can occupy a bench at one time.